A clicking game where you click B's to get points. Not that simple though. . .

With all the B's, you could earn more than millions, more than any man or woman could think of having! More than all the worlds and universes atoms combined. Wait. . . Well it is that much!

Unlock B's first by purchasing them with your points. Then what do you do? Well click for your life! Every time you click, you get points. Is this amount of points not satisfying? Then unlock the next B! The second B gives you more points where the first gives you less. So don't work all on the boring Hand-drawn B, click the lowercase B. But also unlock more and get way more points such as the spiky B would do. But be careful, it's very dangerous. Well the shark B is too!

Is that a lot of work for you to do? How about letting the bank do the work for you! Deposit your points into the bank to get points every second from interest! Get trillions, and maybe even septillions of points a second!

Every 15 seconds, your score will be submitted to the leaderboards with the rest of everyone. Try to get first place! If you do, your username will be shown in the game for everyone to see. So make sure to get the best name in the 2017 birth names you could get!

Play this game on a computer, or even a mobile device. The website is always being visited around the world at https://playbclick.com, with over 2,000 people using our apps each week!


Main features:
-Many numerous amounts of cool dressed up B's for you to click on
-A bank to gradually give you points every second
-Many easy and hard achievements to give you a boost of production
-Automatically updates your score to the leaderboards every 15 seconds
-Beautiful colors for you to see
-A 3 section layout for working good on mobile devices and especially landscape mode
-And way more major and minor features


Also, if you like bClick, and you like other clicking games, we have a brand new clicking and fighting game that is in beta. Play it now at https://bocracy.com.


Made by The bClick Team in 2013-Present

Official website: https://playbclick.com.

Please report any bugs for us so we can fix them as soon as possible. The worst game has ants, wasps, termites, and even bees. Wait, our game has B's.

Contact us at team@playbclick.com
Contact the developer (Cameron Samuels) at thecameron@playbclick.com

Copyright 2013-2017 The bClick Team. All rights reserved.

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